Digitalizing In-person F2F meeting & classrooms experience with Microsoft Teams in New Surface Hub 2S

Innovations exist today were always misunderstood with luxuries – but every innovation exist today, is NEED of the time. Yes, necessity is the mother of innovation and inventions. For any business today to effectively happen, communication is the key – for effective communication, nothing is equivalent to meeting the customers in person face to face. In the past 6+ months of Co-Vid pandemic, meeting someone in person became the real challenge of the time. We ARE doing face to face meetings with video calls, but the question is, Is today’s face to face meetings really enough for every types of communication? Does the video meetings we do today really replace F2F in-person meetings & classroom experience ? The answer is big NO.

I would like to share few of my experiences/challenges today that mostly every person would have faced. I was speaking on a session to almost 40+ new joiners through Teams video meeting, I was also presenting some content – the new joiners were in mute after their introduction – After 30 mins of my speech I noticed the session was disconnected for more than 10 mins. This is the typical example that every presenter or a teacher would have experienced. Another one is, I use to conduct lot of in-person technology sessions for customers and the board is used to draw/write, explain things with gesture, see & understand the reaction-needs of the audience to effectively address their queries on specific topic – with the CoVid pandemic, all these experiences are lost and this is the technology gap of the time that needs to be addressed through innovation. Let’s see how Microsoft is working to address this situation

The reason I am a big fan of Microsoft is, Microsoft not only address every situation and needs by itself – rather they really listen to user experience, encourage the innovation, R&D with Universities-institutions to address the real challenges on ground. While Microsoft trying to make the Meeting experience better through Holo lens solutions for various industries, lets see how Yoav from surface hub product team along with Matt redefine the next-gen in-person meeting experience through Windows 10 & TEAMS Powered NEW SURFACE HUB 2S with few additional gadgets. JASPARROW totally in-sync with this innovation and for sure teams with surface hub makes the best pair to address the need of the time. It not only digitalize the presenter and audience experience, this innovation through new surface hub also transforms the experience to next level through MS Teams 2020 features like together-mode, custom layouts, breakout rooms, etc., People would think this could be a expensive solution but have look at what Dr. David says about it in this video.

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